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Xcellerate Wealth is a financial coaching business backed by in excess of 70 combined years of experienced financial strategy, mortgage broking and accounting qualified experts.


How It Works

4 Simple Steps

That’s all it takes to put steps in place to secure you future, reduce your debt faster than you thought humanly possible,
and build you a portfolio of wealth to give you confidence and security.


Start Tracking With Our Wealth Desk Portal

Our team will personally assist in setting up your monitoring portal with you, making goal setting and linking accounts a breeze. Keep your Wealth Desk account after the trial ends for less than a cup of coffee per week!


Get Your FREE Illustrative Report

Our Financial Strategies will provide a FREE Illustrative report with high level analysis of what savings could be achieved, tailored just for you based on your Wealth Desk tracking. 


Personalised Comprehensive Debt Reduction Strategy Plan

If you like what you see, and were pretty sure you will, we will create a personalised comprehensive debt reduction strategy plan including holidays, renovations, lump sum payments, education funding and any other intangibles that are often missed


Financial Coaching With Quarterly Plan Reviews

Once you have your cash flowing in the Wealth Desk portal and have the comprehensive plan created, our optional Financial Coaching service is available for less than a cup of coffee per day and includes automatic quarterly plan reviews and a personal finance planner at your finger tips for any changes needed along the way.


Our Team


CEO & Director

Dionne began her finance and lending career at age 17 and began her own wealth creation path through property with her first three investment properties of many when she was 20, 21 and 22 years of age, followed by. However her first exposure to understanding Passive Income and Money Management was at age 12 when playing a board game that taught about how to set yourself up to have an income coming in every week without needing to wake up to the alarm clock to go to ‘work’ trading time for dollars.

Dionne learned very early on that a passive income gives you options in life and time back with your family doing what you love most. It is this that Dionne loves to teach others. She loves to see her clients’ faces when they really understand what she is teaching them. Her client’s results tell it all. (See the testimonials page).

Over her career, Dionne has had invaluable experience in mortgage lending, real estate, financial strategy and most importantly educating her clients to create their own wealth creation through ongoing education.

Dionne now has a team of passionate people who love the wealth creation process as much as she does, who are out there doing it for themselves and are ready to assist you today.

So if you would like to be set on your own plan of financial freedom, then every day you delay will delay your financial freedom date.

Contact Dionne, and let’s get you started today.


Debt Management & Cash Flow Strategist

Chris Rule started his career as an 18-year-old with the Commercial Bank of Australia. A merger with the Bank of New South Wales created the Westpac bank as we know it today and Chris spent 10 years in banking with the last four in the legal department of Westpac in Perth.

Moving through various financial institutions, Chris gained experience working in a legal firm with property and business settlements.

In 1989 Chris became self-employed and joined what is now recognised as a financial strategy industry. With a banking background and an intimate knowledge of banking products, Chris worked with clients to help them manage cash flow and debt as a priority in his financial strategy business. That passion for debt management has grown over 30 years in the financial strategy industry during which he developed his own software program focusing on how best to help people pay off their debts as quickly as possible.

The principle behind entire process is to ensure that as little interest is paid to a lender as is possible and the results can be, if a plan is followed and monitored, extraordinary.

Chris has now joined with Dionne Lee is providing the services to her clients and is a proud member of the Xcellerate Wealth team.


Debt Reduction and Wealth Creation Strategies



See what some of our recent clients have to say…

Chris is very knowledgeable and very easy to deal with, he kept everything simple and easy to understand. And after only 3 weeks I am seeing the benefit of Chris’s plan already!

Rob Wiles

I approached Chris a few months ago to look at ways of getting out of my mortgage as soon as possible. His no nonsense approach, easy to understand debt reduction strategy & finance tracker app have shown me how to direct my money into the best possible channels to make this happen. It was great to see a potential end date & and evening better feeling seeing how many years I could take off the initial loan contract. I highly recommend talking to Chris if you motivated to get rid of your debts.

Tim Hanks

I appreciate and liked the most that they provide the info that the banks are reluctant to give. The info of how to save tens if not hundreds of thousands in interest payments and how to shorten the term of your mortgage. Thanks Guys.

Gary Jubb

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Dr Koorey

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